Observing sites

Ahol az asztrofotóim készülnek

Veszprémvarsány, Magyarország
In my parents garden, Veszprémvarsányban (2007)

My first astronomical base was the garden of my parents’ house, where I went through the ‘astrophotograph school’. Today, my equipment allows me to settle out to distant places under dark skies, with which I regularly live. When I do not have the possibility for that, my parents’ garden is always open for me. Luckily, the most celestial miracles can be easily reached from the countryside too.

Az ágasvári rét, Magyarország
Ágyasvári turistaház (2016)

Ágasvár, is a mountain lodge at 650 meters above the sea level in the mountains of Mátra. This place has one of the best astroclimate in Hungary that boasts decades of amateur astronomy past. This place is a famous meeting point of the amateur astronomers and astrophotographers in the period of the New Moon. Thanks to the host – János Juhász – everyone can enjoy here not only the magnificent view of the starry sky but also the delicious gastronomical specialties.

It is needed to have an entrance pass to reach this accomodation.

Hakos farm, Namíbia
A namíbiai Hakos asztrofarm látképe (2014)

The farm Hakos in Namibia is one of the farms which are famous for its astro tourism. The farm is located in picturesque and breathtaking surroundings at an altitude of almost 2,000 meters above the sea level at the meeting point of the Khomas highlands and the Hakos Mountains. The most advantage of this farm that the southern sky can be observed in its full splendor. Thanks to its climate, from late spring to early autumn you can expect almost cloudless weather conditions. The light pollution is zero, the nearest major settlement is 100km away. .